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IoT Data SIM plans

Telstra's IoT Data SIM plans let you connect your IoT equipment to the Telstra Network (including 4G Cat-M1 and NB-IoT in compatible devices), so it can send data to your central business location (like a web-based platform or API).

Our plans are well suited to equipment with a high degree of predictability and low data use.

Take control of your IoT

Connection Manager

Telstra IoT Connection Manager gives you the visibility and insights to help you manage your connected IoT devices.

Business solutions from Telstra

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Asset tracking or monitoring

Find lost things with Telstra Locator

Telstra Locator is a subscription-based service that uses Telstra Locator Tags and the Telstra Locator Network to help you find your things. You can attach the tags to equipment, keys, tools and more.

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Asset tracking or monitoring

Follow your vehicles with Fleet Complete

This user-friendly management platform for fleets and in-field staff can identify your most productive assets and help you with health and safety obligations.

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Site monitoring

Business Grade security for your premises

Business Protect is an alarm and monitoring solution which uses the Telstra network to help keep your people and premises safe.

Why Telstra for your business

Australia’s Largest IoT Network

Australia’s Largest IoT Network

The Telstra IoT Network offers a range of network technologies to connect a range of use cases within your business.

One bill, one account

One bill, one account

Efficiently access & manage your Online Bill, through Your Telstra Tools.
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Account management

Better, more personalised service, whatever your business needs.

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